To meet your needs we have identified
five work streams that will help us succeed.

This is being done by connecting a number of ongoing efforts throughout the state and creating a dynamic and collaborative partnership. The consortium is working with cross sector partners ranging from K-12, higher education, workforce, and the cyber community as a whole. To meet your needs we have identified five work streams that will help us succeed.

  • K-12
  • Workforce Readiness
  • High Education
  • Phoenix Chamber Proof of Concept
  • Grant Administration

K-12 K-12

AZSCWC seeks to collaborate with the Arizona Department of Education and all school districts in all 15 counties to facilitate cybersecurity education in classrooms. While also fostering development pathways into the cybersecurity sector such as teacher training sessions, cybersecurity summer camps, hosting competitions; create centralized advisory/board meetings, and create a cyber hygiene campaign to showcase the importance of cyber in everyday lives.

Workforce Readiness Workforce Readiness

Collaborating with Arizona Cyber Warfare Range and others, the AZSCWC hosts events which provide hands-on experiences within cybersecurity. Additionally, the AZSCWC facilitates workshops to assist employers on the creation of internships, externships, and apprenticeships. With a focus on promoting diversity in both cybersecurity and the workplace, the AZSCWC is engaging women already in the field and connecting those interested in cybersecurity as a career.

Higher Education High Education

The AZSCWC collaborates with the advisory councils of educational institutions to ensure cybersecurity real-world training aligns with industry needs, in both urban and rural areas; bridging the gap between industry and education. These exchanges include assisting institutions in finding Center of Academic Excellence (CAE) materials, hosting CAE workshops, and CAE alignment.

Phoenix Chamber Proof of Concept Phoenix Chamber Proof of Concept

Aligned as Phoenix Forward >> Workforce Collaborative: Cybersecurity to build a talent pipeline while promoting awareness on the need for security positions within businesses, as well as promoting an ecosystem which continues to create cybersecurity positions at all levels.

Administration Grant Administration

Drive, lead, and support the collaboration of all workstreams to unify ongoing efforts.

Short list of active initiatives

  • CTE Curriculum

    Assisting AZ Department of Education revise IT state standards by bringing industry to the table and provide a more modern standards that will align with industry needs.

  • K-12

    K-12 Free Cyber Training for teachers

  • Phoenix Chamber

    Supporting the Greater Phoenix Chamber Workforce Collaborative to “Launch a Security Analyst Pathway Initiative.”

  • CAE Curriculum review

    CAE Curriculum review

  • Statewide Cyber Security Events

    Statewide Cyber Security Events Calendar SWCSE.COM

  • Cyber Security Awareness & Cyber Hygiene

    Creating cyber awareness workshops for the general public and cyber security students to educate them in cyber threats that can potentially hurt anyone in today’s modern age.

  • Cyber Security Competitions

    Encouraging K-12 and Colleges to enroll into Cyber Security Competitions to apply cyber security skills learned in the classroom.

  • Internships Externships Apprenticeship

    Working with Certification-Partners, we will begin providing apprenticeship programs for High School and College students.

  • Summer Camps

    Cyber Security Summer Camps. Starts July 10th - 14th.
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